About company

Founded in 2004, SC „Metchimgrup” LTD has accumulated practical activity in Moldova in the domain of manufacturing goods from chemical plastics.

Eventually it became necessary to pay attention to the matter how to create optimal conditions for manufacturing export-oriented production.

From that moment company’s founders and experts started to seek ways of realization desired goals. On the basis of already acquired practice in import-export operations and scrutinize research of the Law “About free economic zones” Nr. 440-XV from 27 July 2001, company management decided that rational and optimal these types of activities could be undertaken as Resident of Free Zone „Expo-Business-Chişinău”.

So starting with September 2005 SC „Metchimgrup” LTD is a part of business comunity, operating in Free Zone „Expo-Business-Chişinău”.

From this point launched construction of a massive complex, where could be accommodated both the company's administrative and production sections.

Based on the presumption that an entrepreneurship should increase its financial and economic potential, but also release on the market new products, at the beginning of 2011 year was born new progressive idea – producing large assortments of technical liquids.

Why technical liquids? Because at the moment, there are no economical agents producing this kind of goods at moldavian market. So today SC „Metchimgrup” SRL prides itself on delivering high quality technical liquids at a reasonable cost and made in Moldova.

Our knowledgeable team is our strenght, because it aims in generating new magnificent and effective solutions that could be implemented in practice.

We aim for long-term partner’s relationships.

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