Commercial enterprise S.C. “Metchimgrup” S.R.L. was founded in 2004.

Since the beginning, the main direction of the company’s development has been the production of plastic products intended for use in electrical networks.

In September 2005 our company becomes a resident of the Free Enterprise Zone “Expo-Business-Chisinau”. New perspectives have opened, some aspects of production and financial activities have been simplified. We have expanded our sales market and were able to achieve customer recognition both on the local market and in the foreign, gaining as our strategic partners from the Russian Federation and the Republic of Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.

This laid the foundation, the material, and the technical base for the construction of a production complex with a total area of ​​2100 m2. This is a three-story building with modern equipment and powerful potential.

After analyzing all economic factors and demand in the local market, in 2011 the idea of ​​expanding production arose. Additional funds were invested, the park of production equipment and packaging of finished products was expanded.

 So the production of household chemicals was marked as the main activity of the enterprise. This range of products is designed for use both in everyday life and in the professional field.

In parallel with the growth of the production capacity of the enterprise, there appeared a need to expand the business, develop new ideas and promote the image of S.C. “Metchimgrup” S.R.L. to the European market. All efforts were aimed at improving the management of the enterprise, searching for and introducing new technologies. Our success in this direction was appreciated by TUV Thuringen and this year S.C. “Metchimgrup” S.R.L. received the Certificate of Implementation of the Management System ISO 9001: 2015 at our enterprise.